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Month: February 2005

  • jardiniere

    Most people don’t realize that I like to look for odd things in anime. For instance, in Mahoraba ~Heartful days~ Nanako was drawing on the wall and I thought it was neat how they had a shot of the wall from the other side.           While this in itself was interesting, Nanako’s drawing…

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  • GOP

    Apparently, Ioneous is a Republican…

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  • saikou

    It’s always fun to see languages other than English become mangled in anime, as seen in the first picture on the left from Ultimate Girls.           While the other two pics from Ultimate Girls might have made it into my Ads in Anime page, I thought it was more interesting to compare the two.…

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  • Spatulas

    Once again, Minagi’s mom forgot this spatula…

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  • kaminari

    I was out eating pho with some friends the other week, and we noticed a curious sign. I looked around for an “All Your Base” sign, but I couldn’t find one. I didn’t leave disappointed though, because the iced coffee was pretty good. While I was skimming through DNA², I noticed some curious things on…

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  • Contucky Fried Chicken

    An oldie, but goodie…

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  • runnel

    While Najica Blitz Tactics started off with high production values, as the series progressed, there was a notable drop in quality control. For instance, the following pictures are from consecutive scenes.       Stuff like this throws off my whole viewing experience. I had to stop and reorient myself from such a jarring sight. I might’ve…

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  • Spatulas

    A spatula in a threesome… so erotic…

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  • peregrination

    Rozen Maiden is a frightening story of a boy fighting to save his soul from the clutches of a group of possessed dolls. From such a premise, it’s only natural to make a fighting game. There are some other pics on the front page of OTOUFU/MATERIAL, which Zefi! sent to me. Hopefully, they haven’t changed…

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  • itoshii

    I’m sure many of you were out doing something romantic on Valentine’s Day, the internationally recognized celebration of love. I had a great day yesterday. First, I got some chocolate from a certain spirit who said, “I’ll protect you from the loneliness”.    After that, we went to a theme park and caught a few…

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