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Month: January 2005

  • Country 13

    Apparently, Japan is the 13th country, whatever that means…

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  • votive

    It’s neat to see a lot of old technology in Ah! My Goddess, but I never thought that I would see an old-style McDonald’s.     There’s one about 20 minutes away from where I live near Hollywood (if I remember correctly). I should go visit and maybe take a picture if I’m in the area…

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  • tabour

    I was watching AIR and Bleach the other day, and I noticed two similar scenes.    While little girls beating up older guys is nothing new (Kaolla Su from Love Hina is an earlier example) it feels like it’s more frequent. One difference in AIR is that Yukito actually fights back, unlike Keitaro. A daughter…

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  • kohlrabi

    Controlling smoking among youths in America has always been a problem. In contrast, Japan seems to encourage this habit through subtle messages in various anime. Let’s take a look at some examples from Triangle Heart ~Sweet Songs Forever~, Gad Guard, and Fullmetal Alchemist.            I think there can be no doubt about the message…

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  • Z-Box?

    Arumi’s got game…

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  • glengarry

    I was watching Jungle wa itsumo hale nochi Guu Final the other day, and I noticed the following sign on the left which reminds me of a catch phrase that ADV Films used to use in their previews. I bet the creators of Guu were so amazed by this U.S. company’s power, they thought it…

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  • haploid

    I was out buying some snacks for a friend at the Marukai Market in Little Tokyo, and I received the following prophetic receipt:   I think the message is that if you eat three bags of Tohato brand Habanero Rings, you’ll die. If spicy foods are your weakness, then that might be the cause; however,…

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  • xylem

    I never really watched Tekkaman Blade before, but the pictures that Gregg kindly donated to me compel me to do so sometime in the future.   The picture on the left is a typical example of the l to r phenomenon seen in anime, but the other one conjured up some memories of The Chronicles…

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  • 12ch

    I never would’ve guessed that Yuuichi was a fan of 12chan…

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  • ambivalence

    I was talking to a friend the other day who mentioned that after showing my site to some of his friends of his they hated my site so much they “thought I should die”. Woah. I never thought I’d evoke that sort of reaction from anyone. I usually figure that most will look at my…

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