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Month: April 2004

  • chuuka

    Quite a few odd things have popped up recently: The first oddity is a game based on Maria-sama ga Miteru made for the X-Box. Apparently, it’s a “Souer Simulator.” Hen. Next up is a cool, but odd, flash video that features many of the OS girls (personifications of Windows ME and such – more information…

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  • Gameboy Advance

    I wonder what the animators were thinking when they put in this image. It’s the year 2075 – you’d think someone would be playing something better than a Gameboy Advance…

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  • kero

    I was watching Airmaster the other day, and, as usual, I noticed something curious:     I thought, Miori from Airmaster (first picture on the left) sure looks and acts a lot like Anita from Read or Die: The T.V. A shade of red for hair color? Check. Sometimes acts like a brat? Check. Stuffed frog…

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  • Spatulas

    Everyone knows ladies love spatulas…

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  • haburashi

    Years of research yields another spatula. The Pic of the Week may not be as cool as Kill Bill: Vol. 2, but it is new.

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  • D.U.M

    Maybe Fuyutsuki-sensei should consider using a different brand of toothpaste…

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  • tokimeki

    I wonder if anyone in Japan working on anime actually bothers to check on what they use for English in their anime: I like to think they do it on purpose so English speakers everywhere will look at it and say, “Ha, ha!” (think Nelson from The Simpsons). Thus, we are led to believe that…

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  • nami

    Occasionally, I notice the following odd construct: I’ve collected a few of them from various anime so I made a page for these mysterious concrete blocks. I’d say they’re a unique aspect of Japan, but that might be stretching things a bit… Oh yeah, the usual Pic of the Week is up.

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  • Coka Pepsi

    Arcueid may not drink blood, but she does drink Coka Pepsi…

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