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Month: June 2004

  • bogey

    I found out that two of the links on the “Songs” page of Real Otaku Heroes weren’t working, so I fixed them (I forgot to upload the files after changning the links) – why don’t people tell me these things?! Chou mukatsuku! You’d think one of the 20 people who actually liked the songs they…

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  • You’ve Got Virus

    I didn’t expect it for at least a week, but I received a virus in my new Gmail account. I didn’t realize it was a virus at first, so I clicked on the part that says "Message.rar". Now, before you email me telling me "That was stupid." let me explain my actions. I was a…

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    So that’s why Mickey is so friendly towards Shin…

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  • gaud

    For those of you who haven’t noticed, there’s a new update out for Melty Blood Re•ACT – look for a file called 0623.lzh. I still haven’t installed the last one yet… Also, I put a small poster up on Real Otaku Heroes for those of you who don’t go there that often; I don’t blame…

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  • Spatulas

    It’s tough being a cook for crazy burst angels…

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  • Spatulas

    Alien invader frogs? Nah…

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  • esoteric

    One of the cool things about Galaxy Angel is the sheer number of in-jokes that the creators use. For example, in Season 3, Episodes 37-38, Vanilla H is playing a love simulation game aimed at girls, and a number of options appear on the screen at one point asking what hobbies she likes. She then…

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  • DoDo

    Girl on your hand? You need Pocari Sweat…

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  • Spatulas

    Pick the upper right, Vanilla-san!

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  • smackdown

    As I was playing more Melty Blood Re•ACT, I noticed that one of Hisui’s attacks involves a spatula (her right hand). Obviously, this means that Hisui is a very powerful character. ^_^ She has to be to tangle with vampires, demons, and familiars – oh my! I was also reminded me of the fact that…

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