Month: May 2004

  • remembering

    Most people are out this weekend, so I’ll make it quick.

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  • GAGA?

    This reminds me of the good ol’ days of the GETURN…

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  • eye

    One of the characters in Gad Guard wears an unusual jacket (leftmost pic):         I don’t know if he’s trying to be creepy (he seems like a nice enough guy), but it certainly has that effect on me. I immediately thought of the character Gargoyle from Fushigi no Umi no Nadia – that guy…

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  • jess

    Not much except for a neat image site, a page on Kokoro Library, and the Pic of the Week. Yeah, yeah…

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  • Kokoro Library

         Alternate Earth – In a small library located in an unpopulated mountain, there is a quiet and kind girl, a strong-minded girl, and a girl who has the same name as the library. These three sisters, Iina, Aruto, and Kokoro, (ask someone who knows Japanese to tell you what Kokoro aru to ii na…

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    Given all of the things that go on at Bokutou Station, it’s no surprise to see BAFERIM in there…

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  • confidential

    It’s fun to see the occasional random use of English in anime – paragraphs copied from text manuals seem to be the most common way to “spice-up” the visuals for the typical Japanese viewer. It’s even better when the animators or producers are aware of an English speaking audience and throw out the following from…

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  • effendi

    For those of you into fighting games, I point you to where they’re making one based on Maria-sama ga Miteru! I’m not lying either. It’s right here (this is a temporary page – the main site is here). It’s due out in the summer, and you can apparently fight 2 on 2 like in QoH…

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  • Cup Men

    Kazuto has his own personal harem, but stuff like this makes me wonder about him…

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  • american

    I noticed an odd sign in Gad Guard: Personally, I would probably avoid a place like this. ^_^ I chalked it up to the typical mischief in anime, but the frequent use of English in this series reminded me of something else:     In the picture on the right, we have Miyu’s mother (holding the…

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