Month: September 2003

  • Cock Cola

    I’m not sure why, but Cock Cola doesn’t sound too appetizing…

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  • rill

    Yep, you guessed it; another Pic of the Week is up. I went to the kickoff of a 10-week lecture series over at UCLA related to anime and manga. It would be interesting to take some of those classes, but I already know everything there is to know about anime and manga ^_^ A funny…

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  • marl

    All of the hoopla about the California Recall is really starting to irritate me, but that doesn’t mean that I won’t turn out to vote. It would be irresponsible to not vote. I haven’t decided who I want to be governor – I need to do a bit more research first. I don’t want to…

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  • Morton’s Pizza

    I couldn’t resist making this pun. Please don’t kill me! ;_;

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  • guyot

    Again, a new Pic of the Week is up. I watched The Underworld the other day, and it was pretty decent, but I never really felt like I was watching a Vampire or Werewolf movie. It felt a little too cold and… sterile. This was probably a consequence of so many guns and technology and…

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  • sampan

    Help me celebrate an inane 1 year anniversary – The Prize is in the Mail.

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  • The Prize is in the Mail

    Approximately 1 year ago, I registered as a user for Anime News Network with the express purpose of entering their currently defunct Anime Trivia Contest. They had just finished the third iteration, and my curiosity was acutely piqued by the next level. The category: Anime Music. As many of my friends already know, I am…

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  • VHS Tapes

    The most surprising thing about this shot is that they’re all on VHS… the horror, the horror…

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  • duende

    The usual Pic of the Week is up. Not much else going on recently, except that I’m looking forward to watching The Underworld (opens September 19, 2003). From what I can tell of the preview, it’s a mix between Blade and Romeo & Juliet featuring vampires and werewolves.

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  • nucio

    I made an interesting discovery today – never save pad-thai for the next day. If you don’t eat it within 12 hours, it becomes a hard mass of starchy evil. This has to do with the noodles drying out, which can typically be prevented by dropping it into a vacuum sealed bag. Unfortunately, I don’t…

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