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Month: April 2007

  • miss Donut

    Transgendered Donuts? Caveat emptor…

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  • tenon

    I had a bit of a run in with a virus and adware so I wasn’t able to update last week, but I managed to clean my computer after a lot of effort. Nobody probably noticed though… Lucky Star has a ton of parodies and references, but one stuck out for me in particular. It…

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    Sanzenin’s on Fire!!!

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  • Porsche

    Reminds me of "You’re Under Arrest"…

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  • rodomontade

    Galaxy Angel Rune, like its predecessor, spoofs everything out there. One particularly memorable spoof I saw recently was that of Episode 6 of Aim for the Top! Gunbuster. Very cool. While the latest tidebreaker might not be a cool spoof, the Pic of the Week comes from a title that makes me think of Ai…

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  • GLOCK 17


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  • pollard

    Zefi! took the following ominous picture on his recent trip to Japan (I broke it up to fit the format of my page better).   It makes sense to warn people about the dangers of taking the test for law school, but the Japanese shouldn’t underestimate the dangers of Lyme disease. Examinations should at least…

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  • PAORN!!

    Who would’ve guessed Chikai-sama’s homepage would be this?! Even with all those girls after him…

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  • nubia

    When I saw the pic on the left from Yoshinaga-san’chi no Gargoyle, I immediately thought of the skirmishes between Mendou Shuutarou and Moroboshi Ataru from Urusei Yatsura. This might imply that Iyo = Shuutarou, Futaba = Ataru, and Gargoyle = Lum. Maybe…    The pic on the right is from Busou Renkin, and it seems…

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