Welcome to the Anime

I have been actively collecting anime since 1990, so I have seen quite a few things in my time. From romance to action, sci-fi to comedy, and many, many other genres, anime seems to cover all the bases when it comes to variety. It would be silly for me to make this section a general resource; there are much better places for such information – just browse through my Links section. This is my home for some oddities in anime that I notice, and a place to expound, praise, and/or ridicule particular titles. The categories are as follows:

Ads in Anime – The flagship of this part of Kitchen Discotheque, which I will try to update at least once a week. There, I take advantage of the convenience of technology to gather particularly interesting shots spoofing and/or paying homage to particular commercial brands. It’s always fun to see what items from culture make their way into anime. Brain washing? You decide…

Spatulas in Anime – While I may be well known to fans of anime as the oversized kitchen utensil (no, I am NOT a baker’s peel, thank you very much) wielded by the inimitable and lovely Ukyou Kuonji from Ranma 1/2. I have some pictures of my lesser known relatives in various anime. If you happen to find any of them in anime, let me know so I can post them here and head off any jealous relations.

Tide Breakers – Sometimes called “Concrete Jacks” or “Tetrahedrons,” these things appear in anime from time to time.

Real Life Tide Breakers - Picture donated by Le ChampPicture donated by Le Champ

As you can tell from the name, their purpose is to “break the tide” to prevent erosion of the land and nearby structures. Most people say they’re “ugly,” but I think they’re quite interesting.

Of course, I like strange things, which shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who knows me…