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Month: May 2005



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  • omoide

    Since I’ll be out this weekend at FanimeCon and won’t be back until Monday night, I’ll go ahead and post the highly anticipated Pic of the Week. Hopefully, I will be able to take some decent photos there for fodd… uh… display here on the front page. I’ll try to wear a sign that says…

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  • kurikaesu

    Labeling objects, as seen in a previous post, as a means to build vocabulary is a useful excercise; however, in terms of Bloom’s Taxonomy, this is a rather low level of thinking. While this may be suitable for a particular audience (e.g. those who watch Hani Hani: Operation Sanctuary), this isn’t useful for one trying…

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  • Loew2

    The logical consequence of “1337”…

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  • osoi

    Yesterday, a party of more than 10 of the most sadistic doujin gamers in the Los Angeles area gathered with one purpose in mind: Summer of Eternal Doujin 2k5. The games on the menu were Eternal Fighter Zero, Queen of Heart ’99 SE, Melty Blood Re•ACT, Super Marisa Land, Phantasmagoria of Flower View (demo), Asuka…

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  • Spatulas

    Guu forgot to swallow this one…

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  • neboke

    When I was learning Japanese, one of the suggestions for building vocabulary was to place labels on various items around the house in Japanese. Apparently, the interest in learning English is very wide-spread in Japan as evidenced by the first picture below from Hani Hani: Operation Sanctuary.       The second picture, also from Hani Hani,…

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  • sappari

    I first noticed it in Gad Guard. After that, it popped up in My-HiME. Finally, it appears in Speed Grapher.            For those of you who haven’t been keeping up, I am talking about the mysterious “Hack Me!!” signs, which are sometimes accompanied by “TEXAI” signs. Now, Gad Guard and Speed Grapher are obviously…

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  • Spatulas

    A spatula twenty-one years in the making…

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  • Spatulas

    The spatula of a thousand masks…

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