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  • How to Play Queen of Heart ’99 on Windows 10 64bit

    kang_wonseok, a fellow QoH ’99 fan, notified me about a blog post on how to run the game on Windows 10 64 bit. The following is an edited translation with kang_wonseok’s notes in italics: Note: kang_wonseok found that this method also works for Windows 8.1. Whenever there is a new OS release, it is difficult…

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  • Fragged in LA

    I was watching Aldnoah Zero the other day, and I noticed something curious in one of the cuts during the opening song. The signage and buildings looked very familiar. After around 15 minutes of searching on google maps, I think I might have found the actual location of this cut. The signs, buildings, store fronts,…

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  • Alphabetical

    I was watching Baby Steps recently, and I noticed a curious pattern. I wonder if they’ll end up with the whole alphabet over the course of the series.

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  • Guuzen 2

    I was watching Monogatari Series: Second Season (Koi Monogatari), and I noticed that one of the scenes looked familiar. I happened to take a very similar picture when I was in Japan. It took a bit of setup to take this shot. I told everyone behind me to stop so I could take a picture…

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  • Moefication

    When one of my friends got a demo for Final Fantasy VIII, I was pretty excited to check it out. It seemed like a pretty cool game at the time. The summon for Leviathan was ridiculous, but it looked really nice. Ever since then, my mental picture for Leviathan looked like this: Curiously enough, two shows…

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  • Haircut

    As I was watching Natsuyuki Rendezvous, I kept wondering if there was a connection to Jormungand besides Ohara Sayaka voicing one of the characters.       I recently realized that Valmet and Rokka both cut their hair quite a bit shorter. There has to be another connection that I’m missing somewhere… the game is afoot!

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  • Nagoya

    Japan’s birth rate is quite low these days, and I’ve thought about possible causes. I never would have guessed that Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun would lend possible insight into this situation. I happened to catch a subtle message on the whiteboard – “cock. It’s atrocious.” This subtle instance demonizing male genitalia for young, impressionable girls immersed…

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  • Guuzen

    I was watching Joshiraku the other day, and I noticed that one of the scenes was made around the time that I was in Japan. If I had watched Joshiraku before going to Japan, I would have tried to get the exact angle (this particular episode wasn’t out at the time).

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  • tora

    The mysterious “Hack Me!!” and “Install Procedure” signs I’ve mentioned before made another appearance in Tiger & Bunny.

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