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Month: December 2004

  • Slug Bug!

    As a fan of Herbie, the Love Bug, Kazuma is ecstatic to see this car…

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  • pilgrimage

    I’m heading up to visit Alaska for a bit, and I won’t be around for around a week. Since I might not get a chance to later, I thought I’d post the Pic of the Week a bit early. I’d love to get readers of this site cool presents, but I’m poor, so instead, you’ll…

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  • Spatulas

    Himeko’s mom is obviously cool…

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  • wold

    At first, I thought that Hime-chan no Ribbon taught decent moral values to children; however, we can see how having a magical ribbon can corrupt innocent children. Himeko deliberately throws scraps of paper out the window ignoring her lawful obligation to not litter.      Impressionable young girls in Japan who have magical powers may be…

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  • The Twilight Zone

    I couldn’t call myself a fan of The Twilight Zone if I failed to notice this one…

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  • Spatulas

    Akira reminds me of Ukyou-sama for some reason…

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  • unibrow

    On sunny days, I usually get a headache because I end up squinting my eyes a lot. I can’t imagine the amount of pain that Himeko (Hime-chan no Ribbon) and Kazuma (Yakitate!! Japan) must be experiencing in the following pics.      I mean, my eyebrows get close together, but they never merge and create a…

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  • Spatulas

    Satsuki doesn’t need spirits for her skill…

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  • murasaki

    I know Mamotte Shugogetten isn’t a particularly great series, but Shaorin is cute, so I decided to make an animated gif and post it on 4chan. I certainly didn’t expect the following image reply from a person by the name of “Edible !EdiBLeFTjA”.       The image on the right was followed by “Everything makes sense…

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  • valance

    I was watching Mamotte Shugogetten the other day, and I ran across the following image: Since I don’t recognize what drink this is supposed to be, I first thought of Cialis. Now, before any of the handful of readers start thinking I have a problem, I place the blame completely on the shoulders of spammers.…

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