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Month: February 2004


    The watch of choice for elite anti-monster troops…

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  • leap

    For those of you who happen to be fans of Hello Kitty and H.P. Lovecraft, I present to you, Hello Cthulhu. Even if you’re not either, it’s still pretty neat. I did a bit of work on the Party’s Breaker FAQ in the character sections, but I got sidetracked working on new avatars and another…

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  • Sleight of Hand

    They say, “When it rains, it pours,” but I think that’s just something I read off of a salt container… I was never naive enough to believe that I could escape the torrential rains of the Northwest or the oppressive snows of Alaska, but I was hoping for better weather here in California. In what…

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  • spate

    Heavy rain usually just brings water, but today, it brings another rant.

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  • melty

    In my travels, I found a very informative page about Tsukihime for English speakers. Many spoilers are lurking, so watch out!

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        As of this writing, Yoshinoya is closed in Japan due to a ban on imported beef from the relatively recent case of Mad Cow Disease in America. In memory of this beloved eating establishment, I present to you these anime homages.

  • guerdon

    I did a bit more work on the Party’s Breaker FAQ – I added to the character sections for Mizuki, Minami, Yuu, and Eimi. There’s still quite a bit of work to do… ;_; Also, if you haven’t seen it already, there’s a cool flash animation that features some cool drumming with cartoon girls –…

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  • feldspar

    It seems like there is a running joke in anime from the J.C. Staff people:     The first is from Ai Yori Aoshi ~Enishi, and the second is from Maburaho. I think I’ve seen another one, but I can’t remember where. Forgetting things is a sure sign of old age…

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    No movie is more romantic than the tear jerking Titamic…

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  • Spatulas

    A noble sacrifice in the name of love…

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