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Month: April 2011

  • Spicy Cola

    I learned two things from watching Softenni so far: 1. The existence of Soft Tennis; 2. Habanero Cola will Let It Heat! I need to watch more for further “learning,” and I need to find some Habanero Cola…

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  • Vive SKET Dance!

    The members of the SKET-dan are apparently from France.

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  • Suspicious

    I found a cute animated gif of Haruna from Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? hitting a cell phone and a couple days later I saw something similar in GOSICK, so I was inspired to make the following:

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  • LED

    Another instance of the “idea bulb” being an LED. I’m definitely looking forward to more episodes of Nichijou.

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  • marsupials

    While there aren’t much good things to say about Rio: Rainbow Gate!, it was interesting to see the following exchange: Queen: Hey! Flying squirrels don’t have pouches! Rio: Sorry, I’m a sugar glider. They’re marsupials. Everything else in the show might be completely ridiculous, but at least they know their animals!

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