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Month: November 2004

  • doppler

    There’s something to be said about eating until you feel ill… I’m glad I don’t do it that often. The problem with having so much food in front of me is that I have a tendency to eat it even if I’m not that hungry or already full. I think this stems from the fact…

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    The doppelganger of a famous bookstore in Japan…

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  • insidious

    While it’s easy to imagine the guy in the picture on the left (Silent Mobius TV) having a “HARD MIND”, I can’t really imagine an elementary kid who’s a computer genius to be a “Love Beast”.    I’m sure that some will decry my perpetuation of the stereotype saying that geeks/nerds are unable to get…

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  • machination

    After careful deliberation, I decided that the “J” that replaced the “Shi” in Shima’s name (Nov. 17, 2004 post) wasn’t mistaken, but was, in fact, swapped from Martin Jigmar’s name (Nov. 9, 2004 post). Apparently, the producers from Uchuu no Stellvia and s.CRY.ed are linked in some way; this subtle switching of letters is probably…

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    A clever trick by the Japanese to help curb youth smoking. "NILD SEFN? Never heard of it…"

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  • nutria

    It’s common to see English words butchered in anime – a screencap from a shirt on a thug in Tenjou Tenge (left) is just one of a myriad of examples. What you don’t see as often is Japanese making fun of English people using Japanese.       In Uchuu no Stellvia, a Shima fanboy has flipped…

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  • Spatulas

    Yuzu is such a sweet and caring daughter…

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  • zymurgy

    I was watching To Heart – Remember my Memories the other day, and, in a brief burst of nerdiness, I noticed that Professor Nagase was using a computer case (the one on the left) that looks a lot like a Lian-Li case. Upon closer inspection, a few of the details are different, but the same…

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  • Caca Gola

    Given the items that Jun collects, it doesn’t surprise me to see him drinking stuff like this…

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  • uxorious

    In another case of very similar looking characters, I submit to you the following:       The glasses-wearing female bookworm really isn’t anything new, but I couldn’t help making the comparison between Mimori from s.CRY.ed and Yomiko from Read or Die. I threw in Sheska from Fullmetal Alchemist since she is closer in personality to…

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