Month: March 2007

  • Spatulas

    Kenichi’s father’s nickname is “Weak Arms”…

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  • mexico beer

    The beer of choice for female Japanese teachers who are 27 years old, teach English, and play multiplayer online games about the show they’re in…

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  • lyceum

    March is pretty much over already, and I barely posted anything >.< Hopefully, things will lighten up in April, but I’m not sure that’ll be the case. So much work… While I try to catch up on some sleep, check out the latest spatula, and the slightly drowsy Pic of the Week…

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  • Hitsuji no Uta

    When you have to advertise the show within the show, what does that imply about its popularity?

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  • jimjams

    I mentioned Suzy 9 before when I saw it in Midori no Hibi, but I never expected to see it again in Manabi Straight. Apparently, there’s a connection between a guy with a girl as his right hand, and a bunch of young girls in the future. Hostess might also be involved in this conspiracy,…

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  • Spatulas

    Frying pans and spatulas too…

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  • Windows

    No wonder they have trouble finding Ancient-Jinki…

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  • hookah

    I hope everyone remembered to set their clocks ahead an hour. Damn government trying to trick people… Not too much to report on from last week, but I do have a new spatula to go along with the medium-rare Pic of the Week.

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  • Gibson

    For those about to rock…

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  • freshet

    At first, I thought Doujima Kyohei was the typical boorish fellow who gets beat up by baby chickens, but I noticed he may be a more complex character than he appears. Who would’ve guessed that he’d be a fan of Oscar Wilde? Maybe he adores simple pleasures… A couple people sent me some curious links…

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