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Rozen Maiden is a frightening story of a boy fighting to save his soul from the clutches of a group of possessed dolls. From such a premise, it’s only natural to make a fighting game.

Souseiseki vs Suiseiseki from Rozen Maiden Fighting Game

There are some other pics on the front page of OTOUFU/MATERIAL, which Zefi! sent to me. Hopefully, they haven’t changed by the time you read this entry. There’s also a page featuring Suiseiseki dressing up in various outfits (a link near the bottom that’s a picture of Hana Ichigo and Suiseiseki that says “Dressing”) – something you’d expect from a doll…

Another curious link Zefi! sent me features a bunch of School Rumble pictures. It’s not terrible…

Ixis sent me a link to the heartwarming stories of an American teaching English in Japan. His experiences are exactly what I thought it would be like…

I noticed Elly from Celestial Cafe lamenting on her forums that “not many people know about the site.” I know it doesn’t count for much, but I know about her site and visit it a couple times a week. I was going to join the forums at one point, but I ran into some trouble with the form and I gave up since the instructions and whatnot are in Korean. I have no idea why…

Finally, I was reading an article about Quantum Dots, and I noticed that the “Ads by Goooooogle” had an interesting link.

Ads by Goooooogle Quantum Dots on eBay

I’ve been meaning to get some quantum dots, but new ones are so expensive. This seemed like a good opportunity, but when I followed the link to ebay for “Discount Quantum Dots”, I couldn’t find any used ones for sale! Wicked, nasty, misleading ads…