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Category: Ranting

  • Sakura-Con 2011 – Impressions

    Thursday Chad and I arrived at around 3 pm for registration, and it went by pretty quickly. It took about an hour, and I would estimate there were about 1000 people waiting in line. Registration had 15 booths plus a management booth. There is an interesting system of putting a hologram sticker on the badge after they put the name…

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  • FanimeCon 2006

    I didn’t decide to go to FanimeCon 2006 until the end of April when Vince said he wanted to go to Fanime. I had a bit of free time, so I said I would go. Unfortunately, the local Eternal Fighter Zero and Melty Blood Re•ACT players were having a gathering that same weekend. I was…

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  • when it rains it pours

    I was having dinner on March 1st, 2006 with my landlord when the following conversation took place. "There’s an extra space in the back if you want to park your car there." "Thanks. Parking in the front is more convenient, but I’ll keep that in mind." On March 3rd, 2006, an ominously rainy day, I…

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  • The Anime Expo 2005 Experience

    This year started off different. This year, I had a "Press Badge". I realize this gave me a rather skewed perspective of the con, but I tried to keep in mind things that I thought went wrong as an advocate for the little guy. I’ve been there, and I know how they feel. Not that…

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  • FanimeCon 2005

    I get odd phone calls sometimes. "Do you want to go to Fanime?" "Uh… sure… but I don’t want to pay for it." "Don’t worry about it. I’ve got you covered. I just need you to do me a favor…" I made a deal with a friend of mine to help run the beta version…

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  • Anime Expo 2004 Griping

    I wrote something complaining about several aspects of Anime Expo last year, and since I went again this year, I felt obligated to do the usual nit-picking. Don’t get me wrong – I actually enjoyed Anime Expo for the most part this year, but there are still some issues that need to be addressed in…

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  • You’ve Got Virus

    I didn’t expect it for at least a week, but I received a virus in my new Gmail account. I didn’t realize it was a virus at first, so I clicked on the part that says "Message.rar". Now, before you email me telling me "That was stupid." let me explain my actions. I was a…

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  • Respond or Die

    In the sixth grade, I got a letter from this girl that I liked. I excitedly tore it open only to find that it was perhaps the worst letter I have ever received in my life. A chain letter. Despite the claim of giving good luck to all those who pass it along, I was…

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  • Sleight of Hand

    They say, “When it rains, it pours,” but I think that’s just something I read off of a salt container… I was never naive enough to believe that I could escape the torrential rains of the Northwest or the oppressive snows of Alaska, but I was hoping for better weather here in California. In what…

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  • Atkins Madness

    A couple of years ago people started to talk about something called the Atkins Diet (if you haven’t, it’s about time you got out from under that rock). I’m around average weight for my height, so I never really thought about it much. These days, I am pretty sure everyone has heard of the Atkins…

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