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Month: March 2005

  • lempira

    Rakshasa was kind enough to save the following pic for me from 4chan. I have no idea who made it, but whoever it is, is okay in my book…

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  • kanjiru

    It came as a bit of a surprise to see Mizuho make a guest appearance as a scientist interested in robots in ToHeart – Remember my Memories. I never played much of the ToHeart game, so I wonder if this reference to Shizuku is just in the anime.        The picture in the middle…

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  • hiru

    Yesterday, I met up with 9 people from around the Los Angeles area to play some doujin games. Eternal Fighter Zero, Touhou Suimusou – IaMP, and Melty Blood Re•ACT were on the menu. Photographic evidence of the sordid affair is below.      I played a bit of MBR, but people started viciously kicking me…

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  • Kikko Mimi Mode

    Nothing is safe from "Neko Mimi Mode"…

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  • ether

    If you can figure out why I posted the pic on the left below from Xenosaga: The Animation, then I applaud you for your knowledge of modern events. It’s kind of funny and, at the same time, kind of sad.       I suppose it would be in bad taste to show a picture of a…

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  • boson

    I never would’ve guessed that Tamami from Mahoraba ~Heartful days~ was into Ultralow Temperature Physics until I saw a page from a book she was reading at a bookstore. Wondering if anyone talked about this, I did a quick search on Google, and I ran across a curious link (it’s mentioned halfway down the page).…

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  • lachrymose

    I was driving around the Hollywood area a bit the other day, and it reminded me of a picture from Phantom – The Animation. I know it’s not exactly Hollywood, but it’s relatively close. I mentioned before (May 16, 2004) that they were going to make a fighting game based on Maria-sama ga Miteru, but…

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    PPORO is made in New York City! NEW YORK CITY?!

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  • pinch

    It’s always neat to see anime go “on location” especially when you live around that area. Both of these pictures below are from Touch: CROSS ROAD ~Kaze no Yukue~. I was tempted to look at Google Maps to pinpoint this location, but, I’ve done stuff like that before, so I leave it as an exercise…

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  • qrsh

    In English, it’s unusual for a word that starts with q to not have the letter u next to it, but q is a bit queer in the alphabet, so it’s understandable. The leftmost pic is from Gad Guard, and the middle pic is from Burn Up Excess.      Now, the third pic from…

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