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Tag: Kizuato

  • bipolar

    Maybe it’s just me, but I think Aizawa Eiko and her older sister, Chizuru, from Shinryaku! Ika Musume resemble Kashiwagi Azusa and her older sister, Chizuru, from the Leaf game Kizuato.                While the Eiko and Azusa are somewhat similar, the two Chizurus seem closer in personality (especially towards the end of the first episode); however,…

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  • Azumanga Fight 1

    Notes: Many characters from QoH ’99 show up in this comic. In the first two panels, going from left to right, we can see Mizuki, Chisa, Shiho, Akari, Misaki (White Album), and Chizuru. In our third panel, we have Ruriko, Kotone, Serika, Ibiru (Filsnown), and Ebiru (Filsnown). Yuki is the character in the last panel,…

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  • Cookies

    Notes: In the first panel, going from left to right are Akari and Ikumi (Comic Party). In the second panel, we have Kaede and Hatsune. Finally, the third panel features Chizuru, Chisa (Comic Party), and Kazuki (I think) from Comic Party. During a part of Kizuato, Chizuru made a mushroom risotto from mushrooms she randomly…

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