We All Have to Play Sometime…

I don’t play many games, but the few that I do play, I play a lot. As you can see, I’ve listed a couple of my favorites with links to guides I made on the left. (Note: I’m hosting a guide for Eternal Fighter Zero, which I didn’t write, so if you have any questions about it email him.)

The Queen of Heart ’99 – This is one game that I have been rather obsessed with over the years. I am pretty decent (as some of my friends will testify), and I am always willing to play someone new. Of course, it’s difficult to convince people to play since this game only runs on Windows ’98 / 2000 / XP. The game is also rather old (yes, 1999 is when it came out). The gameplay is pretty tight, but the real draw is the fact that you can play 2 on 2. You need to have 4 controllers of course, but once you’re set up, the chaos is pretty addictive. Morikawa Yuki is one of my favorite characters in the game since it’s fun to beat someone down with an idol singer ^_^

Character Select Screen from The Queen of Heart '99 SE    2 on 2 Match from The Queen of Heart '99 SE

Party’s Breaker (The Queen of Heart 2001) – The direct sequel to The Queen of Heart ’99, this fighter focuses on 1 on 1 play featuring characters from the Leaf game Comic Party, which later became an anime. The same solid gameplay is present once again, but I mourn the loss of 2 on 2. The new Replay feature allows you to easily record matches into compact files that you can share with others.

Character Select Screen from Party's Breaker (The Queen of Heart 2001)    Mizuki vs. Minami from Party's Breaker (The Queen of Heart 2001)

Melty BloodMelty Blood is a doujin (fan-made) fighting game based on the doujin game Tsukihime; it’s a game made by amateurs (Watanabe Production) based on an original game made by amateurs (TYPE-MOON). Ironic, eh? The popularity of Tsukihime also led to the anime Shingetsutan Tsukihime that was released in 2003. Melty Blood has a lot of the features of Party’s Breaker, solid gameplay, and cool characters. Revolve is currently working on an English patch. If you know anyone who can translate Japanese to English, send them on over!

EvoSpace from The Moonlit World (arguably the greatest English TYPE-MOON website on the internet) posted a sticky on his message board, Beast’s Lair, which is basically a FAQ that encompasses topics related to Tsukihime, Melty Blood, and Melty Blood Re•ACT (the game below).

Character Select Screen from Melty Blood    Arcueid vs. Shiki from Melty Blood

Melty Blood Re•ACTMelty Blood Re•ACT is an expansion to the doujin (fan-made) fighting game Melty Blood mentioned above, adding new characters and stages. The fighting engine is also tweaked for speed and many of the tactics from Melty Blood no longer apply. You need to have the original Melty Blood installed in order to use this game. Also, Watanabe Production created the professional game making group called French-Bread (FURANSUPAN).

Character Select Screen from Melty Blood Re•ACT    Satsuki vs. Len from Melty Blood Re•ACT

Eternal Fighter Zero – Yet another “popular” doujin fighting game series. It became popular in Asia quickly because of it’s VERY wide variety of fighting styles, import of almost every famous fighting game tactics, and, of course, famous characters from Moon, One, Kanon, and Air; however, it is also criticized for its too balanced movelists, unintelligent combo system, and lack of original moves. Another thing, you should be skilled enough because the gameplay is also hard.

Character Select Screen from Eternal Fighter Zero BME (3.10)    Rumi vs. Ayu from Eternal Fighter Zero BME (3.10)