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I received the following email on July 24: I’ve finally (sorry) sent your K-on goods but it seems to be stuck at a post office in LA. Are you away from your home now? Nonchan from Studio Neko-Han-Ten was able to send a prize I had won in another of his contests (March 7 & […]

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The CD I won in the contest I mentioned recently came! =D Thanks again to nonchan!

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Lest anyone think I haven’t been doing anything useful lately, I managed to win a copy of Iwao Junko’s Meguriai CD with her autograph in a contest over at Studio Neko-Han-Ten – check out the 3 May 10 and 7 Jun 10 entries on the butsu butsu butsu butsu… page. Hopefully, there won’t be any “mail troubles,” as nonchan […]

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Anime Expo is just around the corner, and the guys over at World of Eternity are thinking of having a gathering. Make sure you also check out the official information thread if you’re interested. I’ll definitely go, since I’m planning to go to Anime Expo again this year. I entered another contest on Studio Neko-Han-Ten, […]

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The other week, I was at IKEA, and I noticed an item called Signum. The creators of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A’s were probably at IKEA wondering what to call a girl who carries around a whip-sword and were inspired when they saw the pen tray… I had a bit of spare time recently so […]

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The forums are screwed in case you’re wondering. I spent a couple hours this morning trying to fix them to no avail, and I have to postpone working on them until later today because of my schedule. Hopefully, I can get them back up and running this evening. I’m very irritated and sleepy right now… […]

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The winner is me! The renowned and mysterious guy over at Studio Neko-Hanten had a give away for a newspaper for Maria-sama ga Miteru (nicknamed “Mari Mite”). The winners were listed in his “27 Jan 04” entry in the news section (butsu butsu butsu). He had three prizes and there were exactly three entries! It […]

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