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I’m sure many of you were out doing something romantic on Valentine’s Day, the internationally recognized celebration of love. I had a great day yesterday. First, I got some chocolate from a certain spirit who said, “I’ll protect you from the loneliness”.

 FOR YOU Valentine\'s Day Gift  Luna Park TOKYO ATRACTION CITY Sign

After that, we went to a theme park and caught a few rides. There, I noticed a guy with glasses surrounded by some girls; one girl kept wanting to go on the fast rides, one wanted to find a curry vendor, and one kept telling the other two to leave her “onii-sama” alone. Poor guy.

Later, I got a nice card from a certain “angel”. At first I thought it was a confession of love, but now I’m not so sure what it’s trying to say. Oh well, at least it wasn’t chocolate – she probably would’ve added a Habanero-tan to make it Spicy Hot! I hope she doesn’t beat me up later for that remark.

All in all, a pretty good day.

And my friends were worried that I’d just sit at home watching anime…