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Month: April 2006

  • zebu

    During an eye exam in High School Girls, one of the characters is trying to memorize the column of symbols which is suspiciously similar to the legendary Konami cheat code.       I know it’s missing the final part, but the character does say “Left, Right” after the initial “Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right”.…

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  • Spatulas

    The key to Exile is… a spatula?!

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  • punKs

    Nobody was surprised when delinquents started to hang out here…

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  • yoicks

    The first pic on the left, from NANA, made me feel a bit uneasy because I immediately thought of several threads on 4chan about “TRAPS” (guys who look like girls). I haven’t seen or read much of NANA, so I’ll be cautious for now. You have to be careful with anime these days since so…

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  • AN PN MAN?

    The convenience store of choice for kami…

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  • wadi

    The “Welcom ToNigtmare” text from Air Gear manages to slightly amuse me because butchering the English language is one of my many hobbies. The fun doesn’t stop there. We have to first take a look at some other signs from School Rumble and Yumeria, respectively. Given the curious items for sale in Japan, I wouldn’t…

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  • Riding House

    Aki-nee may have a car, but motorcycles are in her soul…

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  • vomitory

    Since I’m not much into sports, I can’t really ID the people in the first picture from Canvas2, so I thought some of the readers of my site might have fun trying to figure it out… English words are pretty common in anime, so it’s interesting to see Chinese characters in the second pic from…

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