Month: February 2006

  • Spatulas

    For some reason, this spatula stopped drawing…

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  • gork

    While watching D.C.S.S. ~Da Capo Second Season~, I was reminded of a strange Japanese habit that I also saw in ToHeart 2.    Aisia is in the “classic” pose, while Konomi’s rendition seems a little strange because it looks like her head is just floating there… I received another useful email the other day. I…

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  • Mall Bell

    At first, I thought they were making fun of Taco Bell, but it’s apparently a spoof of Bell Mall…

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  • KARIN Soft Drinks


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  • febrifuge

    The holiday weekend seemed useful enough, so I decided to check out a gathering of gamers over at FFD’s house as mentioned in this thread.   Only 9 people showed up, so we started off playing some Eternal Fighter Zero v4.02. The players for the mini-tournament were tenkenchild15, FFD, The Spatula, KF, treusbucks, and Sklathill.…

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    Wearable Gard Gamera User-Friendly and Gonvenience…

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  • eglantine

    The pic on the left is from Speed Grapher and the other one is from Mai-Otome.    It’s easy to see the use of the same “Stem” sign, but I never mentioned it before since there was only one instance. You can also see another appearance of the mysterious “Sunday” sign that I mentioned before.…

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  • Panon

    Because Big Brother is watching you…

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  • babbitt

    Since I’ve been a bit sick lately, I thought that the first pic from Aishiteru ze Baby would be useful. Although, when I first saw it, I thought of two things: the classic ’80s movie, Band of the Hand, and the cover of the Stephen King book, Thinner.       In Japan, these signs are…

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