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Tag: Gad Guard

  • Spatulas

    This spatula might be a Techode…

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  • Tide Breakers

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  • sappari

    I first noticed it in Gad Guard. After that, it popped up in My-HiME. Finally, it appears in Speed Grapher.            For those of you who haven’t been keeping up, I am talking about the mysterious “Hack Me!!” signs, which are sometimes accompanied by “TEXAI” signs. Now, Gad Guard and Speed Grapher are obviously…

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  • quick

    Who would’ve thought that they’d release another patch for Melty Blood Re•ACT, Ver2.0.0.6, so soon! Just some minor fixes it seems; I’m curious to see if the bug that I mentioned earlier is still present. A while ago, I noticed a bunch of seemingly random signs in Gad Guard.      Now, I have no idea…

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  • Hainaken

    Every 4th of July, my neighbors would buy cases of Hainaken and party ’til dawn…

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