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Month: January 2006

  • Dr. Pepper

    For some reason, Diet Dr. Pepper tastes like a lemon/lime soda in this anime

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  • xenia

    The first pic from Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha A’s conjured up images of a bunch of single people trying to hook up in that section at the supermarket. I think of silly things sometimes…    Gokujou Seitokai is heralding a CD single by the name of “iknhsbsik”. I can’t wait to hear that song, but…

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    I couldn’t find this brand at the store. So much for being a True Love Story…

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  • Spatulas

    Servant Spatula. Is Sakura its master?

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  • uncial

    I didn’t know until the last minute, but there was an Ishida Yoko concert at Universal City Walk the other day (Friday, January 20th). It’s part of the Anime Fusion Tour. It sounded useful, so I headed on over to check it out. It’s hard to tell from the pics below, but the venue was…

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  • Neoton

    Hotaru seems to be interested in science…

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  • sebaceous

    I was visiting Alaska a couple of weeks ago, and I took a couple of pics, but I was so busy lately I forgot to post them. The most curious pic is a sign I saw in the Dimond Center, one of Anchorage’s largest malls. I’ve never noticed a sign like this in any of…

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  • Tide Breakers

    Donated by Helen Pohl

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  • BOZZ, Goku SQEEZ

    Goku SQEEZ. Made from fresh carrots…

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  • pabulum

    ToHeart2 already piqued my interest with Tama-nee, but the most recent one I watched proved to be curiouser and curiouser. The tribute to SEGA seemed normal enough, but the writing below it “SHANA she is redeye girl and she is…” was an unexpected link to Shakugan no Shana. In the next pic, it seems like…

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