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The first pic on the left, from NANA, made me feel a bit uneasy because I immediately thought of several threads on 4chan about “TRAPS” (guys who look like girls). I haven’t seen or read much of NANA, so I’ll be cautious for now. You have to be careful with anime these days since so many guys look like girls. It reminds me of my traumatic experience with Five Star Stories

TRAPNEST Poster from NANA   PASOCON Girl, Windows Books from Tantei Gakuen Q   SEiKKOU Sign from Ueki no Housoku

The second pic, from Tantei Gakuen Q, is interesting enough in the fact that the “Windows” book is properly spelled, but the title of the row of books to the left say “PASOCON Girl”. I did a search and came up with the following page about Kouda Mariko. The title appears under the “SHOW” section near the bottom. Curious…

Finally, it’s a bit odd that in Ueki no Housoku, they bothered to put a sign above the SEiKKOU sign that reads “tokei” (watch). I thought that Seiko was famous enough for timepieces that it wouldn’t need extra prompting. Perhaps the animators thought that the younger audience would be slightly confused by the English text and in order to create a proper parody a side note of sorts would be necessary.

While I try to forget about Ladios Sopp, check out the latest tidebreaker and grab a snack from the Pic of the Week.