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During an eye exam in High School Girls, one of the characters is trying to memorize the column of symbols which is suspiciously similar to the legendary Konami cheat code.

Eye Chart Up, Up from High School Girls   Eye Chart Down, Down from High School Girls   Eye Chart Left, Right from High School Girls

I know it’s missing the final part, but the character does say “Left, Right” after the initial “Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right”. Of course, the rest of it can’t be said for obvious reasons…

The other day, some of my friends were marathoning Last Exile, and I decided to drop by around halfway through the series. Since I saw it before, I brought a bit of work to do. After an hour or so of sorting files, I decided to take a break and watch a bit. At that time, I noticed another spatula! I wish my timing was always that good…

While I try to figure out a way to increase my synchronicity, be on the lookout for unsavory characters when visiting the Pic of the Week.