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Since I’m not much into sports, I can’t really ID the people in the first picture from Canvas2, so I thought some of the readers of my site might have fun trying to figure it out…

English words are pretty common in anime, so it’s interesting to see Chinese characters in the second pic from Family Guy. The second and fourth character don’t really seem right, but I don’t know that much Japanese, so it’s probably just outside my knowledge.

Kamikura Hiroki and Basketball Players Poster from Canvas2 ~Niji-iro no Sketch~  Almost Chinese Characters from Family Guy  EXIT Sign with Reversed E from Galaxy Angel TV: Season 4

Finally, in Galaxy Angel TV: Season 4, I was surprised to see that after a billion episodes of spelling “EXIT” right, they butcher the letter “E”. Of course, the quality in the animation started to drop a bit during the last season, and proper use of English letters is usually the first thing to suffer as a result.

While I search for sports icons and mangled Chinese characters, click on through to the Pic of the Week which should have proper spelling.