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The pic on the left is from Speed Grapher and the other one is from Mai-Otome.

Stem Sign from Speed Grapher   Stem and Sunday Papers from Mai-Otome

It’s easy to see the use of the same “Stem” sign, but I never mentioned it before since there was only one instance. You can also see another appearance of the mysterious “Sunday” sign that I mentioned before. If you haven’t been keeping track, this creates links to Gad Guard and Speed Grapher. The mystery continues…

I’d spend more time investigating this curiosity, but I got an early Valentine’s Day gift in the form of a big chocolate heart. I’m sure that the “a” in there is the result of a bug.

Chocolate Heart with Happy Valentaine Noise is more... Note

It’s a little difficult to read the letter that came with the package, but I think it says

Noise is more and more becoming an element of environmental polluti In addition people also complain of animal cries which are perhaps [???] Perhaps in reaction to such occurences [????]

Until a few years ago a lot of us had never heard of the ozone as a gas there is a thin layer of it heigh of it high above the the earth you can also…

Is it a love letter or not? I’m not sure I can follow these lines of reasoning, but at least I don’t have to spend my Valentine’s Day watching anime, imagining that someone out there likes me…

Before I head off into my own fantasy world, grab hold of the latest tidebreaker and the nearly repetitive Pic of the Week.