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While watching D.C.S.S. ~Da Capo Second Season~, I was reminded of a strange Japanese habit that I also saw in ToHeart 2.

Aisia Spying on Asakura Jun'ichi from D.C.S.S. ~Da Capo Second Season~   Yuzuhara Konomi Spying on Kono Takaaki from ToHeart2 (TV)

Aisia is in the “classic” pose, while Konomi’s rendition seems a little strange because it looks like her head is just floating there…

I received another useful email the other day.

I have installed Queen of Heart ’99 (the original, not the Second Edition version) with patches, however I am still having problems. The game plays the opening perfectly, but once it ends, the program kicks me out with an error message saying InitTitle

I suggested a few things, but it turns out the fix was relatively simple.

…I finally got the game to work!! I’m enjoying every moment of it, and your site makes it even easier to get into. However, it seems that the game wasn’t working because the game was simply in the wrong folder. It was buried in a bunch of folders and I simply had to move the files out of the folders to get it working.

I didn’t actually do much, but it’s good to see someone getting into the game (even though he should be playing Second Edition)…

Rounding off the day, I give you the latest spatula and the highly anticipated Pic of the Week.