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Since I’ve been a bit sick lately, I thought that the first pic from Aishiteru ze Baby would be useful. Although, when I first saw it, I thought of two things: the classic ’80s movie, Band of the Hand, and the cover of the Stephen King book, Thinner.

Katakura Kippei and NO COLD Sign from Aishiteru ze Baby   Starship from Buzzer Beater   Genma? from Tantei Gakuen Q

In Japan, these signs are used to admonish people to wash their hands to prevent the spread of disease; however, the words “NO COLD” seem pretty vague in what it’s trying to convey. I suppose the Japanese are better at creating extremely terse sentences in English than Americans.

The other two pics from Buzzer Beater and Tantei Gakuen Q are amusing little parodies, and I leave it up to you to figure them out.

I probably get around 6 emails a month from people who’ve read my site. I know it doesn’t seem like much, but they’re usually pretty useful. Take for instance, the following email that I received yesterday:

As stated in the subject line, which you noted to put, this may come off as a weird question. Hopefully this doesn’t creep you out, but have you lent anyone a .hack//sign DVD lately? Where I work someone lent me the DVDs for it, and I no longer work at that location and haven’t been able to contact the person in any way. Everything about your site made me think it might be you, in a one in a million chance kind of way, so this is me….trying to figure it out.

Sorry if it isn’t you, and X333 sorry since this is REALLY random.

I don’t own those DVDs so it can’t be me, but maybe, just maybe, I can use the power of my website to help reunite an anime fan with their treasured .hack//sign DVDs. Hopefully, I can increase that one-in-a-million chance to twelve-in-a-million. Drop me a line if you, or anyone you know fits this description.

While I lament forgetting about Groundhog’s Day, you can sneak on over to the periodic Pic of the Week.