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While it’s easy to imagine the guy in the picture on the left (Silent Mobius TV) having a “HARD MIND”, I can’t really imagine an elementary kid who’s a computer genius to be a “Love Beast”.

HARD MIND shirt from Silent Mobius TV   Narusawa Kazuma with Love Beast shirt from Tantei Gakuen Q

I’m sure that some will decry my perpetuation of the stereotype saying that geeks/nerds are unable to get the girls, but that isn’t the issue; the real issue is that Kazuma isn’t even out of grade school. The producers, in an effort to educate viewers in Japan (and perhaps other countries), hint at how children in Japan have become sexually aware at younger and younger ages over the years. This echoes the observations reported in an article I read in MDN: WaiWai (bastion of respectable journalism). I thought Tantei Gakuen Q was a simple story about kids who want to become detectives; I never would have imagined it to touch upon modern social issues in Japan.

Maybe I’m reading too much into this…