Nov 21st, 2004 | Filed under News

After careful deliberation, I decided that the “J” that replaced the “Shi” in Shima’s name (Nov. 17, 2004 post) wasn’t mistaken, but was, in fact, swapped from Martin Jigmar’s name (Nov. 9, 2004 post). Apparently, the producers from Uchuu no Stellvia and s.CRY.ed are linked in some way; this subtle switching of letters is probably a consequence of their mysterious and devious activities. Something strange is going on here…

Besides me, of course…

I added some useful links to the Games section under the Melty Blood section to sate all of the newbies. Don’t forget to get the newest patch (Ver2.0.0.9a) while you’re at it. I haven’t tested it out yet, so watch out!

Finally, I give you the highly unanticipated Pic of the Week.

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