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I was watching To Heart – Remember my Memories the other day, and, in a brief burst of nerdiness, I noticed that Professor Nagase was using a computer case (the one on the left) that looks a lot like a Lian-Li case. Upon closer inspection, a few of the details are different, but the same look and feel is there.

 Nagase and Lian-Li (?) case from Twin Spica     Nagase and PC Case from Twin Spica

Now, the one on the right looks very familiar. I’m pretty sure that I’ve seen it before in real life, but I just can’t remember – just another sign of old age. The important thing to note is that the case changed from one episode to the next. Okay, so it’s only important to me, but it makes me think that Nagase is a pc enthusiast, and he likes to change his computer case every once in a while. The more likely explanation is that the animators for the third and fourth episodes are different and the producers didn’t notice such a trivial detail.

Yeah… that sounds about right…

Before my old age makes me forget, I give you the Pic of the Week.