I know Mamotte Shugogetten isn’t a particularly great series, but Shaorin is cute, so I decided to make an animated gif and post it on 4chan. I certainly didn’t expect the following image reply from a person by the name of “Edible !EdiBLeFTjA”.

 Shaorin waving from Mamotte Shugogetten     Natsume Maya in a compromising position from Tenjou Tenge

The image on the right was followed by “Everything makes sense now.” Even though my perfectly innocent picture of Shaorin was tainted, I have to give Edible props for making the humorous comparison with Maya from Tenjou Tenge.

While I wasn’t annoyed at the latter, I am a bit annoyed that GameFAQs made me fill out a ton of personal information when re-registering my UserName. My desire to communicate with some of the people on the various boards just barely out-weighed my desire to remain relatively anonymous. Of course, they (in the Big Brother sense) probably already know everything about me anyway through the various other things I’ve signed up for (my grocery club card, for example), so I’m probably just wasting my energy being paranoid…