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On sunny days, I usually get a headache because I end up squinting my eyes a lot. I can’t imagine the amount of pain that Himeko (Hime-chan no Ribbon) and Kazuma (Yakitate!! Japan) must be experiencing in the following pics.

Nonohara Himeko with Unibrow from Hime-chan no Ribbon     Azuma Kazuma with Unibrow from Yakitate!! Japan

I mean, my eyebrows get close together, but they never merge and create a loop; further evidence that anime characters are in a whole other world…

Speaking of whole other worlds, I was perusing 2chan the other day, and I ran across a curious flash video. It features several of the Windows OS girls and is set to the tune of tomorrow, the opening song for Full Metal Panic. This reminded me that I saved links to a page that has a small collection of OS-tan comics and another page that has a more comprehensive collection.

Also, for those of you who didn’t already notice, it seems like Soulfang from Revolve Translations is “done with game translations”. While I’m sorry to hear that, I do appreciate his efforts in the various projects on that site.

Finally, while it isn’t a particularly impressive skill, I spotted another spatula.