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At first, I thought that Hime-chan no Ribbon taught decent moral values to children; however, we can see how having a magical ribbon can corrupt innocent children. Himeko deliberately throws scraps of paper out the window ignoring her lawful obligation to not litter.

Nonohara Himeko littering from Hime-chan no Ribbon     ALIEN 4 Poster from Hime-chan no Ribbon

Impressionable young girls in Japan who have magical powers may be inspired by this unlawful act to also commit crimes – judging from the anime I’ve seen, this is a relatively large percentage of the population. Despite this infraction, I am willing to let it slide since the animators were cool enough to predict a fourth ALIEN movie (Hime-chan ran from 1992-1993 and ALIEN 3 was released in 1992). Further evidence of their inherent coolness can be found in the Pic of the Week. The influence of these two works on Hime-chan is readily apparent…

Further evidence of my inherent uncoolness can be found in the latest spatula.