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I noticed an odd sign in Gad Guard:

Parlor Sign from \

Personally, I would probably avoid a place like this. ^_^ I chalked it up to the typical mischief in anime, but the frequent use of English in this series reminded me of something else:

Americans in \   Americans and Kozuki Miki from \

In the picture on the right, we have Miyu’s mother (holding the wineglass) relaxing at a party in America (Florida, if I’m not mistaken). The enormous noses are the most apparent feature, but you should also notice that the Americans are speaking so loud that you can see their words. I suppose this is to emphasize that Miyu’s parents are in America, but it should be clear since they mention it every other episode.

While this is probably the Japanese poking fun at American stereotypes, I note that Daa Daa Daa is an anime aimed at kids; here we can see the subtle perpetuation of mistaken beliefs from one generation to the next. All this time, I thought it was an innocent anime about a baby from space. Clever. Very clever…