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It’s fun to see the occasional random use of English in anime – paragraphs copied from text manuals seem to be the most common way to “spice-up” the visuals for the typical Japanese viewer. It’s even better when the animators or producers are aware of an English speaking audience and throw out the following from Galaxy Angel TV: Season 3:

Project G*A paper from Galaxy Angel TV: Season 3

For those of you who are having trouble reading the text, it says

Although this text will be saved if it is not much earnest but can be read and obtain feeling since it is comparatively suitable lit new laughter, when an overseas edition is thing it is for sure,and is the feeling whose the strange Japanese signboard of Asia. I laughed for people in the English area and come out and exist- imagination- not bei Even if it is the…

I know that they know English speaking people are watching; I’m watching them watching me…

But enough of my paranoid delusions, go visit the OS-tan Flash page.