One of the characters in Gad Guard wears an unusual jacket (leftmost pic):

Man with Eye Jacket form \"Gad Guard\"    Gargoyle from \"Fushigi no Umi no Nadia\"    Eye logo from Viz

I don’t know if he’s trying to be creepy (he seems like a nice enough guy), but it certainly has that effect on me. I immediately thought of the character Gargoyle from Fushigi no Umi no Nadiathat guy has problems. The symbol of the eye already makes me uncomfortable because it seems like it’s staring at me, scrutinizing my life and actions; I tend to be a bit self-conscious at times. Coupled with the fact that it usually appears on disturbed individuals or frightening creatures (one of the angels in Neon Genesis Evangelion, for example), the related symbolism is reinforced in my mind.

You shouldn’t have to guess as to what I think of the new Viz logo…