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Month: August 2003

  • infamous

    I remembered that I have an article up at Anime News Network. Nothing earth shattering, but it is my 2 minutes in the spotlight – yeah, it’s not even 15 minutes worth of fame. Anyway, ANN has a pretty cool encyclopedia which features the immensely useful section My Anime (you have to register to make…

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  • licensed

    I finally went down to the DMV to get my California Driver’s License since my Alaskan one expires in a little over a month. Total time at DMV: 3 hours. If I ever have to deal with them again, I’ll use the internet. I barely passed the written test (missed 5), but I passed so…

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  • The Colonel

    “Don’t look now Sempai, but I think there’s a creepy old man standing behind us…”

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  • Signature

    Notes: Featuring Asahi and Rina. It seems like Ayaka is so famous that even a well-known idol singer like Rina is a fan. ^_^ Source: Leaf Fight Trading Card Game: Visual Fun Book, Mediaworks, ISBN4-8402-1525-1, p.110

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  • Reflection

    Notes: Sasami and Tsunami from Tenchi Muyo spend some quality time together… Source: Azumanga – Recycle, Mediaworks, ISBN4-8402-1861-7, p.94

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  • Akari vs. Oyaji Ryo-Oh-Ki

    Notes: Akari (Battle Athletes) has the misfortune of getting acquainted with Oyaji Ryo-Oh-Ki (a perverted version of the cute character Ryo-oh-ki from Tenchi Muyo). Source: Azumanga – Recycle, Mediaworks, ISBN4-8402-1861-7, p.151

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  • wend

    Today was unbelievably hot again >.< It must’ve been 95 degrees… celsius! I would spend more time in the relatively cooler basement, but it gets hot down there with a lot of people, especially since I have all those commonly-thought-to-be-dead composers in there. Tschaikovsky is one hell of a drinker… One of the things that I miss…

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  • brief

    Posted some translated comics: Controls?, Cookies, and Azumanga Fight 1. More tweaking…

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  • Azumanga Fight 1

    Notes: Many characters from QoH ’99 show up in this comic. In the first two panels, going from left to right, we can see Mizuki, Chisa, Shiho, Akari, Misaki (White Album), and Chizuru. In our third panel, we have Ruriko, Kotone, Serika, Ibiru (Filsnown), and Ebiru (Filsnown). Yuki is the character in the last panel,…

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  • Cookies

    Notes: In the first panel, going from left to right are Akari and Ikumi (Comic Party). In the second panel, we have Kaede and Hatsune. Finally, the third panel features Chizuru, Chisa (Comic Party), and Kazuki (I think) from Comic Party. During a part of Kizuato, Chizuru made a mushroom risotto from mushrooms she randomly…

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