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I finally went down to the DMV to get my California Driver’s License since my Alaskan one expires in a little over a month. Total time at DMV: 3 hours. If I ever have to deal with them again, I’ll use the internet. I barely passed the written test (missed 5), but I passed so it’s all good. I would’ve been pretty pissed if I didn’t pass since the first thing they did was punch a hole through my Alaskan license. The weird thing is that the license they just gave me is a slip of paper (the hardcopy will be mailed to me in a week or two).

On my way back, I noticed that the price of gas went up to $2.06 for regular. I winced at that even though I don’t have a car. The thing about gas prices is that there really isn’t much people can do about it other than bend over and take it >.< Even worse, the fees for cars will triple for the next year. Ouch. I really like driving, but stuff like this makes me wish we had better public transportation around here; it'll never happen though. One of the cultural vices about California is that if you want to go somewhere, you have to drive. Another curious thing I saw was a baby stroller with a couple of cans of beer in the bottom (Tecate). I grew up drinking milk, but I suppose it's just another cultural difference between Alaska and California. I made a few cosmetic changes to the site, so I hope you think it looks a bit nicer; for those of you just tuning in (probably everyone), I hope you think it at least looks nice...