Aug 16th, 2003 | Filed under News

Today was unbelievably hot again >.< It must’ve been 95 degrees… celsius! I would spend more time in the relatively cooler basement, but it gets hot down there with a lot of people, especially since I have all those commonly-thought-to-be-dead composers in there. Tschaikovsky is one hell of a drinker…

One of the things that I miss from living in Alaska is the mild weather during the summer. In fact, I think the best summers I’ve ever experienced were in Anchorage: dry, cool, and always sunny. Although, you have to make sure to watch out for mosquitoes, the State Bird. Just kidding… maybe.  Heat like this tends to melt your brain!

Added a couple more translated comics: Akari vs. Oyaji 1, Reflection, and Signature. There is also a new Pic of the Week.

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