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Month: August 2003

  • Controls?

    Notes: Ayaka is refereeing a fight between Aoi and Sakashita and something goes horribly wrong… Source: To Heart Visual Fun Book, Mediaworks, ISBN4-8402-1278-3, p.61

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  • lambent

    Not a whole lot today.  I put up a translated comic (at the bottom of the page) and did a bit of cleaning up of the code and tweaked some of the look of the pages.  I’m pretty fussy when it comes to details, but most people won’t notice the changes.  I don’t know why…

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  • soupy

    I sorted through some of the stuff that I put on my old web pages, and I decided to throw some of that stuff up (yes, the similarity to vomiting did cross my mind ^_^;) on my Random Pages.  For those who wish to truly experience the depraved recesses of my soul, feel free to…

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  • Wacdnld

    Anime characters know that if you eat at inverted restaurants, you can lose weight.

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  • Having Your Cake and Eating it Too

    You know, I never did understand that particular saying. I realize the implication is that having your cake means that if you were to eat your cake, then you would no longer "have your cake." What the heck is that?! I mean, the reason you have a cake in the first place is to eat…

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  • Anime Expo 2003 Griping

    While attending AX2003, I noticed that it seemed like there was less and less stuff for me to do for fun. A majority of the time, I spent walking around or sitting in my room wondering what to do. I suppose I could’ve went to the panels, but a lot of them seemed pretty boring.…

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  • caffinated

    Woah, it seems like I neglected the site for a while…  nah…  Anyway, I did some more tweaking on the Queen of Heart ’99 FAQ, so let me know if there are any problems with any of the stuff there.  Two new rants are up: AX2003 Gripes and Having Your Cake and Eating it Too.

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  • Ponta

    Ponta, Ponta… Don’t you wonta… Ponta Ponta… Don’t you wonta…

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  • The Death of ICQ Lite

    Poor, poor ICQ Lite… I never really used ICQ that much, but I used to like ICQ Lite. Unfortunately, when I turned it on today, it asked if I wanted to download the newest version. I answered "No" and the application was promptly terminated. WTF?! Why the hell did they let me think that I…

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  • chartruse

    Not that you asked for it, but there is something new in the Ranting section: The Death of ICQ Lite. I also considered making some cool effects and other BS, but then I realized that we don’t have much bandwidth or space to work with, so you’ll just have to bear with my meager pictures ^_^;…

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