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Labeling objects, as seen in a previous post, as a means to build vocabulary is a useful excercise; however, in terms of Bloom’s Taxonomy, this is a rather low level of thinking. While this may be suitable for a particular audience (e.g. those who watch Hani Hani: Operation Sanctuary), this isn’t useful for one trying to access the higher cognitive levels. We can see that the pictures below from Peach Girl address an audience at a step or two above in the learning process.

 Endeavor Sign from Peach Girl   JFU Sign from Peach Girl   HOPE Sign from Peach Girl

Being able to recognize that a building represents “Endeavor,” “JFU,” or “HOPE” is certainly not something you’d expect from a toddler. Although, “JFU” might be a bit advanced for most – I’m still not sure what that word means…