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Yesterday, a party of more than 10 of the most sadistic doujin gamers in the Los Angeles area gathered with one purpose in mind: Summer of Eternal Doujin 2k5. The games on the menu were Eternal Fighter Zero, Queen of Heart ’99 SE, Melty Blood Re•ACT, Super Marisa Land, Phantasmagoria of Flower View (demo), Asuka 120%, and Twinkle Star Sprites (the last two are actually Saturn games). Photographic evidence of the start of the gaming madness can be seen below.

Summer of Eternal Doujin 2k5 Gathering

They viciously beat me down in all of those games, except QoH ’99 – I had a decent showing for that one. Thanks again to Linalys for hosting the gathering. Hopefully, we can get another one going sometime this year.

I’m sure you’re tired of hearing about my personal activities though, so, as an added bonus for being such a patient reader, I’ll throw in a spatula with the usual Pic of the Week.

Don’t say I never got you anything…