Mar 27th, 2005 | Filed under News

Yesterday, I met up with 9 people from around the Los Angeles area to play some doujin games. Eternal Fighter Zero, Touhou Suimusou – IaMP, and Melty Blood Re•ACT were on the menu. Photographic evidence of the sordid affair is below.

 Epic 2005 01  Epic 2005 02

Epic 2005 03  Epic 2005 04

I played a bit of MBR, but people started viciously kicking me in the head and laughing at me because I played so badly. Well, maybe that didn’t quite happen, so I think it was generally a fun time for all. I also learned something very important that day: when playing games for 9 hours, bring plenty of liquids.

Maybe the Pic of the Week will quench my thirst…

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