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It’s always neat to see anime go “on location” especially when you live around that area. Both of these pictures below are from Touch: CROSS ROAD ~Kaze no Yukue~. I was tempted to look at Google Maps to pinpoint this location, but, I’ve done stuff like that before, so I leave it as an exercise for people who are extremely bored (I assume most people are nominally bored if they’re reading this site).

 Los Angeles 20 Miles 14 38 San Bernardino Lake Elsinore Signs from Touch: CROSS ROAD ~Kaze no Yukue~  POD LIGHT and ONION CRISIS DEPOSIT BANK Sign from Touch: CROSS ROAD ~Kaze no Yukue~

The second image contains the usual spoof on Bud Light which, in itself, is somewhat amusing. The real curiosity here is the ad below the scoreboard. I’m pretty sure most people would be wary of a bank called “ONION CRISIS DEPOSIT BANK”.

I could be wrong though…