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I was watching AIR and Bleach the other day, and I noticed two similar scenes.

 Michiru jump kicking Yukito from AIR  Kurosaki Karin jump kicking Kurosaki Isshin from Bleach

While little girls beating up older guys is nothing new (Kaolla Su from Love Hina is an earlier example) it feels like it’s more frequent. One difference in AIR is that Yukito actually fights back, unlike Keitaro. A daughter beating up her father may not be common in America, but it is probably normal behaviour in Japan. In Michiru’s case, it seems a bit odd that a little girl would just randomly strike a stranger, but this may be an indicator of something deeper. Perhaps this is a wake up call to young girls in Japan to fight back against the loli-con population.

Anime – leading the fight against oppression of individuals in a society…

Speaking of fighting back, if you haven’t been to the Trouble Windows Translations site lately, there’s a link to a fansub of the Troubled Windows music video.